Happy B-Day V

Someone’s turning 8 today!


Midnight Sun

I’d only been dimly aware of this Lionel Hampton/Sonny Burke/Johnny Mercer song until a colleague waxed poetic about it a few days ago. Since then I’ve been obsessed. It’s one of the more enchanting entries in the American Songbook, and Johnny Mercer’s lyrics (you can look them up) are every bit a match for the melody. 

And no; I don’t do it justice; consider this a fumbling but heartfelt homage.

I Wanna Grow Old With You

Okay, it’s a little corny (well, maybe more than a little) and it comes from the chickiest of chick flicks. But hey! It’s for a wedding, and everyone ought to feel this way about the one they’re about to marry. Two standard ukes this time, and once again Jenelle ably spares you the pain of hearing me sing.

For Megan and Sarah and everyone else who knows how Adam Sandler’s character feels.